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About me

Photography is an art

It’s about showing my view of the world to other people

The art of photography is the combination of light, composition and a moment, to craft a compelling piece of visual art. Compelling because an emotional link is forged between the viewer and the image.

My photography began in my teens with film and a home made darkroom. Later my photographs were used to document Professional  reports for clients. Now nature and wildlife photography are my main interests but I also do street and travel photography and studio work. My images have won gold medals, best in show awards and other significant awards in national and international photographic competitions. I am a retired Professional Forester. I have worked as Managing Partner of a Forestry Consulting firm and have also worked in government and taught forestry at the university level. I have presented photography workshops on various subjects to members of the Victoria Camera Club and I have been teaching photography courses at the McTavish Academy of Art. I have been involved in a number of image review groups and have also judged internal and international photographic competitions.

Part of my childhood was in New Zealand but I was raised mainly in the UK before moving to N. America. I have worked in the UK, USA, Canada, India and SE Asia.

I can be contacted by email at  stevesmith@treehunterphotos.ca


Explore the photography of my partner Leah Gray at http://www.spirithills.ca